Rasheen Aldridge | Treasurer

Ward 5 | Serving Since: 2016

Rasheen Lamont Aldridge Jr, a Progressive Demorcrat, was born and raised in the 5th Ward of the City of St. Louis. He was a leader in the local Fight For 15 movement known as Show Me 15. Aldridge was an activist during the Ferguson uprising, and was later appointed by Gov. Nixon to serve on the Ferguson Commission. He met with President Obama in 2014 to discuss community & policing relationships. Aldridge ran for 5th Ward Committeeman during the 2016 Primary Election & won in a Special Election making him the youngest elected official in St. Louis City history.

Anthony Bell

Ward 3

Lisa Bertke

Ward 13 | Serving Since: 2016

Lisa Bertke is a lifelong St. Louisan and has lived in the Holly Hills neighborhood for 18 years. She graduated from Cor Jesu Academy and received a Bachelor of Science and an MBA from Fontbonne University. Lisa manages a software development team for a public utility where she served as the Chair of the IT Volunteer Committee for many years and received the 2015 WISE (Women Influencing Success in Energy) Leadership Award. Lisa is active in her neighborhood, serving as the NOM Team Lead for Holly Hills, the Membership Secretary and Recording Secretary for the Holly Hills Improvement Association.

  • (314) 753-3688

Greg Brown

Ward 25 | Serving Since: 2009

Greg has lived in St. Louis City since 2005. He became involved in the Democratic party as a volunteer for President Obama's campaign in 2008.

  • (314) 809-6712

Yolanda Brown

Ward 1 | Serving Since: 2016

  • (314) 454-1983

Madeline Buthod

Ward 14 | Serving Since: 2016

Michael Butler | Chairman

Ward 6 | Serving Since: 2016

  • (314) 324-9163

Queen Byrd-Scott

Ward 19 | Serving Since: 2016

Queen E. Byrd has lived in St Louis 25 years. She works as Director at Wonderland Daycare and Learning Center Inc.. She lives with her husband.

  • (314) 494-7973

Wendy Campbell

Ward 20 | Serving Since: 2016

Wendy Campbell became a resident of Dutchtown in 2010. She became the block captain immediately when she realized there wasn't one on her block. She is a bike advocate with Trailnet and has 3 children and 2 cats. Ms. Campbell is also the crossing guard at Froebel Literary Academy, a board member of Dutchtown South Community Corporation and a Den Mother of the Cub Scouts.

John Carpenter

Ward 23

Leroy Carter

Ward 4 | Serving Since: 2016

Keena Carter

Ward 27

Chris Carter

Ward 27 | Serving Since: 2016

Marie Ceselski

Ward 7 | Serving Since: 2012

Marie Ceselski hosts Drinking Liberally St. Louis Chapter and is active in Soulard Garden Co-op.

  • (314) 630-7599

Gregory F.X. Daly

Ward 12 | Serving Since: 2016

Gregory F.X. Daly is a lifelong resident of the city of St. Louis. He has been active in city politics for over 30 years, working in the Board of Alderman, serving as License Collector, and currently as Collector of Revenue. Gregg currently serves on the executive board for Heat Up/Cool Down St. Louis.

  • (314) 353-8670

Patty Ellison-Brown

Ward 23 | Serving Since: 2014

Patty has lived in the 23rd Ward her whole life. She works for the City of St. Louis Recorder of Deeds.
She lives with my husband and three children.

Mary Entrup

Ward 6 | Serving Since: 2016

Mary has been a resident of the 6th Ward for 24 years. Mary's solo legal practice is also located in the 6th Ward. She's married to Lewis Reed for the last 24 years and has two boys, Max and Sam Reed.

  • (314) 529-1980

Dwinderlin Evans

Ward 4 | Serving Since: 2016

Gail Farwell

Ward 28

Paul Fehler

Ward 8 | Serving Since: 2016

Paul Fehler is a graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in Geography, with an area of emphasis in GIS, demography, and spatial statistics. He is a producer of the documentary film The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, receiving FOCUS St Louis’ 2012 What’s Right With the Region award for “Improving racial equality”, as well as the American Historical Association’s 2011 John E. O’Connor Film award, and the Organization of American Historians’ 2012 Erik Barnouw Award. He is the founder and the curator of the BIG Map Blog, and lives in the Shaw Neighborhood with his wife Nadia, where he also serves as the Vice President of the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association.

  • (314) 649-8559

Lucinda Frazier | Vice-Chair

Ward 3

Kathy Gamache | Secretary

Ward 11 | Serving Since: 1985

Kathy Gamache is a life-long resident of St. Louis. She lives in the 11th ward with her husband Robert. She currently works as a Human Resource Manager and is a member of the Missouri State Democratic Party. She has served as a member of the Executive Board of the St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee for almost 20 years.

  • (314) 402-8622

Clint Harris

Ward 19 | Serving Since: 2016

Clint moved to Ward 19 in 2013.

Thomas Hayes

Ward 16

Bob Hilgemann

Ward 17 | Serving Since: 1990

Bob Hilgemann has been a resident of St. Louis City since 1973. He has been active in efforts for community organization, revitalization, and progressive political change in St. Louis during that time. He served four terms in the Missouri House of Representatives starting in 1997. Bob worked in IT for 20 years at Monsanto and at Lowes for 8 years in management. Bob and his wife Amy have been residents of what is now Botanical Heights since 1975.

  • (314) 330-4645

Penny Hubbard

Ward 5

Jacob Hummel

Ward 11 | Serving Since: 2016

Jake Hummel served in the Missouri House of Representatives for 8 years, representing a portion of South St. Louis City (District 81). In 2012 Jake was elected by his colleagues to lead the Democratic Caucus as the House Minority Leader. He currently serves as the Committeeman for the 11th ward. Jake is now running to be the next state Senator for the 4th district. The district covers parts of southwest St. Louis City and St. Louis County. In addition to his legislative positions, Jake is also Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO of Missouri.

Erma Jefferson

Ward 2 | Serving Since: 2018

Sara Johnson

Ward 9 | Serving Since: 2016

Sara Johnson resides in Benton Park West, where she works as a community organizer for The Salvation Army. Before joining the non profit sector, she taught high school social studies. Sara is a community garden enthusiast, and enjoys leading a youth garden for the young people in her neighborhood.

  • 314-305-6103

Harry Kennedy

Ward 14 | Serving Since: 1991

Harry Kennedy an employee of the Recorder of Deeds Office, and has been since 2013. Prior to that, he worked for President of the Board Lewis Reed.

He has been the Committeeman of the 14th ward since 1991. He served as a State Representative from 1997 to 2001 and State Senator from 2001 to 2008.

He is a lifelong resident of the City St. Louis.

James Keys

Ward 21 | Serving Since: 2016

James is a lifelong resident of St. Louis. He graduated from Rankin technical college as valedictorian with a degree in Information Technology.

James is the Executive director of network administration for Biomedical Systems.

He and his wife of 30 years, 21st ward Committeewoman Laura Keys have lived in the 21st ward since 1989 and have raised their family of 4 boys there.

  • 314-757-3618

Laura Keys

Ward 21 | Serving Since: 2012

Laura is a lifelong resident of St. Louis. She graduated from University of Missouri with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Laura is the owner of St. Louis Fingerprints.

She and her husband of 30 years, 21st ward Committeeman James Keys have lived in the 21st ward since 1989 and have raised their family of 4 boys there.

  • 314-441-0375

Michelle Klupe

Ward 10

Lori Lamprich

Ward 25 | Serving Since: 2012

Lori grew up in St. Louis County, but has lived in the city since 2008 and has never looked back. She has a degree in Political Science from the University of Missouri. She worked on campaigns for about 10 years after college, but now works in non-profit development. Lori currently lives in the beautiful Dutchtown neighborhood where she is active in the Dutchtown West Neighborhood Association in addition to the 25th Ward Democratic Club.

  • (314) 629-3886

Tod Martin

Ward 15 | Serving Since: 2012

Tod A. Martin has lived in St. Louis for 25 years. He works as Deputy Chief of Staff and State Director for U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill. He and his husband, David, have lived in the City’s Tower Grove South neighborhood for almost 20 years.

  • (314) 771-6292

Karla May

Ward 26 | Serving Since: 2016

Kim McGrath

Ward 8 | Serving Since: 2018

Born and raised in St. Louis, Kim has lived in the 8th ward for nearly 20 years. She has worked at the Chicago Sun-Times, St. Louis Charter School, Acción Social Comunitaria (ASC); and, currently at Webster University. Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Spanish concentration), a Master of Arts in International Relations, and is pursuing an Education Doctorate in Transformative Learning. She is an active member of the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association (SNIA), the 8th Ward Democrats and the Global Leadership League.

  • (314) 282-7069

Larry Middlebrook

Ward 2

Sterling Miller

Ward 1 | Serving Since: 1992

Sterling has lived in St. Louis for over 60 years. He has been married to 1st Ward Alderwoman Sharon Tyus for 28 years. They have lived in the same home for over 30 years. Sterling has worked in the energy efficiency industry for 20 years prior to that he worked for the St. Louis Public Schools, the City of St. Louis, and served as Chairman of the St. Louis Land Reutilization Authority.

  • (314) 973-2387

Marty “Joe” Murray, Jr.

Ward 7 | Serving Since: 2016

Marty currently resides in the Lasalle Park neighborhood. In addition to being the 7th Ward committeeman; Marty was elected as Chairman of Missouri’s 78th legislative district committee and Vice-Chairman of Missouri’s 1st congressional district committee. In his free time he serves on that board of a 501 c(3) and volunteers at the 12th & Park Recreation center.

  • (314) 425-9259

Joseph Palm

Ward 26 | Serving Since: 2003

Joseph Palm has lived in the "Mighty" 26th Ward in the City of Saint Louis for 47 years. Joseph has traveled nationwide and worldwide. Joseph graduated from Ritenour High School, Forest Park Community College, and Saint Louis University-undergraduate and graduate. Joseph has worked as a City of Saint Louis Firefighter, in the City of Saint Louis Mayor's Office, in the State Capitol, for a U.S. Congressman, and currently works for the Governor of Missouri. Joseph is the proud father of an engineer, teacher, and college student.

  • (314) 392-1200

Torrey Park

Ward 15 | Serving Since: 2016

Torrey Park has lived in the St. Louis area for 9 years and in the Tower Grove South neighborhood for 3 years. She works at a financial literacy nonprofit in Old North St. Louis. She is a graduate of the Focus St. Louis Women in Leadership program and is a social justice advocate.

  • (314) 443-0404

Arthur Perry

Ward 28

Valerie Petty

Ward 17

Teri Powers

Ward 24 | Serving Since: 2012

Teri was born and raised in St. Louis, MO, graduated from Roosevelt High School and is very proud of her public school education. Her undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education with a cognate minor in Early Childhood; she has a Masters of Social Worker degree from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University and completed a two year post-graduate program at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute. Her career in providing psychotherapy to clients from varied backgrounds, including race, socio-economic and educational circumstance, has informed her work in politics and advocacy work. Currently, Teri serves on the advocacy board of NAMI, and is a member of Womens Voices Raised for Social Justice and MOPAG. In addition to her work as a committeewoman, Teri activity works with local campaigns.

  • 314-833-3145

Rob Stelzer

Ward 10 | Serving Since: 2016

Rob is a native south St Louisan, having grown up in the Kingshighway Hills and The Hill areas. He, his wife Leslie and their two children currently live on The Hill across the street from Berra Park. He has a legal background (teaching and practicing law) and is the owner of a small business, the Amsterdam Tavern, which is also in the 10th Ward

  • 314-201-6811

Krissy Sullivan

Ward 12 | Serving Since: 2018

Krissy Sullivan is the Committeewoman for the 12th Ward; appointed in 2018. She graduated from Visitation Academy in 1993 and received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northwestern University in Chicago. Since 2000, she has been a physical therapist and has held various management positions throughout her professional career. Krissy was born in the city of St. Louis and has lived in the 12th ward since 2012 with her husband and 2 children.

  • 314-608-9983

Dale Sweet

Ward 20 | Serving Since: 2011

Dale is a committed City dweller, rehabber, property owner, neighborhood volunteer, attorney, and community activist.

  • (314) 771-5030

Ellen Todd

Ward 18

Louise Tonkovich

Ward 16 | Serving Since: 2006

Louise Tonkovich has lived most of her life in St. Louis. She is currently retired and is also the grandmother of 3 very active grandsons. She lives with her husband Ed Bushmeyer and both enjoy helping to elect Democratic candidates, who can make a difference. She is the proud committeewoman of the ward that consistently produces the most votes in the city. She credits her remarkably aware constituents for this honor.

  • 314-249-9520

Norma Walker

Ward 22

Bryan Walsh | Sergeant at Arms

Ward 9 | Serving Since: 2016

Bryan has lived/worked in the 9th Ward for 9 years. He is eager to work on initiatives which put People First in the 9th Ward and in the City. He is also an artist with the Screwed Arts Collective, a former gallery owner, and a 2012 graduate of the Community Arts Training Institute (CAT). His favorite sport (playing and watching) is ice hockey.

  • (314) 479-5464

John Watson, Jr.

Ward 18 | Serving Since: 2019

Fred Wessels

Ward 13 | Serving Since: 2019

Andre Williams

Ward 22