Mar 31, 2018 | STLCDCC |

August Primary Elections

Filing is now closed for the August primary. We now know who all of the candidates will be, and you will start seeing them at your neighborhood meetings, ward Democratic club meetings and even at your doorstep! The full list can be seen here. The Central Committee, as a body, does not make endorsements in …

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Feb 27, 2017

Ward Democratic Clubs Make Primary Endorsements

Please refer to the list below to see how your ward Democratic Club endorsed in the upcoming Municipal Primary Election. Several wards have made endorsements, but have not yet sent them to the central committee for publication. If you don’t see your ward listed below, please reach out to your committeepeople.   1st Ward Democratic …

Feb 23, 2017

Board of Alderman Reduction

The St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee feels that city voters should be given the chance to reaffirm the reduction of the size of the Board of Alderman from 28 to 14.  Proposition R passed in 2012 but concerns are mounting that aldermen will be less responsive to their larger constituencies and will require additional …

Feb 23, 2017

Opposition to consolidation of Recorder of Deeds and Assessor’s Offices

The St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee has voted to oppose the consolidation of the Recorder of Deeds and Assessor’s Offices.  The Central Committee feels that this proposition will not provide the cost savings that it is purported to afford the city.  Rather, this proposition is yet another attempt to restrict the voter’s rights to …